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Imagine a cross between a playgroup and a youth club and you will have a good idea of what Chichester Child Contact Centre is like.  We have a suite of first floor rooms in the Christ Church building,  roughly just above ‘Café Rouge’ and adjacent shops.  

The main contact hall is an ‘L’  shaped room with the main area set out with groups of tables and chairs giving a distinct area for each family to use as a base while they are in the contact hall.  Children of separated families have contact with the non-resident parent in a place that is full of toys, games and activities designed to interest and amuse young people of all ages. 

Babies and toddlers can play in areas with the floor covered in blankets surrounded by soft toys, chunky Lego bricks and other toys you would find in any well stocked crèche.  Older children can ride around on toys cars and tricycles, play on a slide or crawl through a miniature assault course. Some children like trying on dressing up clothes or become make-believe shop keepers involving their parent in the role of a keen shopper.  School-aged children enjoy playing competitive games of air-hockey or table- tennis which we keep in the room that forms the smaller section of the ‘L’ .  Older children also enjoy racing Scalextric cars, playing Connect or other board games, doing art work or playing with our latest game, Wii Sports. 

Refreshments are available from a café-bar where coffee, tea, cold drinks are provided and a small selection of biscuits, crisps and sweets can be purchased.   

We have kitchen facilities to heat up baby food and we can provide a high chair if required.  We have separate toilet facilities for adults and a combined child-sized toilet and baby changing area close to the main hall.  We are open between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. alternate weeks; most families spend one or two hours in the centre at each session. 

Chichester Child Contact Centre

Christ Church 

Old Market Avenue 

Chichester  PO19 1SW 


Telephone: 07746 026695

Accredited Member of the National Association of Child Contact Centres

Supported by Christ Church (Methodist/United Reformed), Chichester

Accreditation number 214/5

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