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  • What is it like at the Chichester Child Contact Centre?
    We aim to create a warm, relaxed environment where parents and children can relax in there allocated zone and enjoy each other’s company. Our Centre has a variety of toys and games suitable for all ages and offers a small snack shop where refreshment can be purchased. Our Centre is run by a paid coordinator and trained volunteers all of whom have been DBS checked, trained according to NACCC accreditation standards, agree to remain impartial (do not take sides) and follow a strict confidentiality policy.
  • How are contact sessions arranged?
    Contact at our Centre takes place by referral. The referral is made to the Centre Co-ordinator by a solicitor, family mediator, CAFCASS with a court order, or by self-referral. Referrals are made by completing the relevant form and sending it to the Co-ordinator by email or post. Referral Forms can be downloaded <add link>. Once the forms are received the Co-ordinator will arrange a pre-contact meeting to meet each parent or family member separately at the Centre, show you around and complete additional paperwork. This will help you all to be more relaxed on your first visit and allow you to meet some of our volunteers
  • How long will each contact session last?
    Typically contact session last between 1-3 hours but this will depend on the family, their requirements and any court arrangements that are in place.
  • How long can I use the Contact Centre for?
    The Contact Centre aims to provide a short term stepping stone for families. Typically support last for 3-6 months, although this can vary as every case is accessed and reviewed on an individual basis.
  • What happens if I can not attend a session?
    You will need to inform the Centre Co-Ordinator by phone, email or text as soon as you can.
  • Are there any Centre rules?
    Our Centre does have strict rules, which are in place to ensure all families have a safe and enjoyable time in the centre. A copy of the rules will have been issued and signed at the pre-Contact meeting.
  • Do I have to meet my ex-partner when I come to your Centre?
    Our Centre is set up with two separate entrances so Contact between parents and / non resident family members does not have to happen.
  • Who is responsible for the child in the Centre?
    Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Our Centre staff and volunteers will support with the handover of your child(ren) and only step in if there is a safeguarding issue. This is always done with great sensitivity and the child’s best interest in mind.
  • Does the Centre write reports about the Contact Sessions?
    Our Centre is independent of the courts, social services or any statutory agency. We do not make any written reports about visits but do capture the dates and times of attendance and capture information from parents at planned review meetings to understand how Contact is progress. However, if we thought that a child may be at risk, or if a member of staff, volunteer or other Centre user was at risk of harm, then we would need to take appropriate action and raise concerns accordingly.
  • Is there a cost for using the Centre?
    There is a £50.00 referral fee that we ask to be settled by the non resident parent and a £25.00 extension fee should the centre need to be used for longer than 6 months (12 sessions) by the family.
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