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How to Apply

Contact at our Centre takes place by referral. The referral can be made by a solicitor, family mediator, CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service) or by self-referral. Once the relevant referral form has been completed it should be sent to the Charity Coordinator. 


Please make sure you read the ground rules of the Centre before applying.


To make it easier for the child and the parents, we ask all our families to attend a pre-contact meeting ahead of sessions commencing. These meetings will be separate for resident and non-resident family / parents. This will help all parties feel more relaxed on the first visit and allow you an opportunity to meet the volunteers and see the venue.

Download the form you require. Once completed you can send to us by post or my email. 

You can apply to join the contact centre through a variety of different referral forms.


Apply through a standard referral - completed by a professional on behalf of the family

Self referral form - Non resident Parent / Family Member

Self referral form - Resident Parent / Family Member

All completed forms can be returned by email or post.


Once we have the relevant forms from all parties we will contact you to arrange a pre-contact meeting where you can come and visit the centre. 

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